The Romans, they conquered and reigned for hundreds of years, one of the most powerful superpowers of all time, controlling hundreds of states without the use of a single car. Victorious was a word that was commonly used by Roman Emperors, and rightly so as they won a lot of battles. Even after its decay this great nation has served as a great inspiration for all sorts of artists and movies throughout the ages. Net Entertainment has done a great job of turning this world conquering superpower into a video slot, Entitled “Victorious” and it is now in a mobile form for us all to enjoy in our very own living rooms.

Base Game

This Net Entertainment slot is played across 5 reels and features a whopping 243 ways to win. The screen is beautifully decorated with Roman Pillars and frowning centurion faces with rather pointy looking spears. The symbols graphics however are unusually simple for Net Entertainment and feature little or no animations what so ever. Instead taking on a comic book style look with the main symbols just being Roman symbols and depictions of Caesar, Golden Eagles and Soldiers.

Collect Golden Wreath symbols as this is your scatter and when you obtain 3 or more on the reels you will trigger, a NetEnt classic, Free Spins Feature full of Gladiators on a battlefield.

Gladiators and Free Spins!

It’s a win, win really. The combination of Gladiators and Free spins is good in everyone’s books. Three scatter symbols will get you 15 free spins, four will see you with 20 and 25 free spins for each reel having a scatter symbol on it. Furthermore, all wins during this feature come with a generous 3 times multiplier!

You will also be rewarded with between 5 and 50 times your stake upon entering the Free Spins feature depending on the amount of scatter symbols you have upon activation. The winning never ends with this feature!

High Variance Slot

It may sound like the winning is easy to come by, but you would be wrong, it takes time to build up wins with this slot. But when they come, they really come. If that’s the sort of play style you’re into and you’re not looking for the minor wins to keep you going then Victorious, the Epic Slot taking you to the forefront of the Roman Empire is the game for you.