MrGreen Online Casino has never been one to shy away from Seasonal Promotions and with Christmas around the corner it is no different. And here at we are going to give you an in depth look at each of these Festive Promotions as they become available, every day of the Christmas Calendar! So let’s get Started shall we with Bonus Spins & Brussel Sprouts – I know which I’d rather have…

“Mr Green has been busy wrapping daily Bonus Spins for all Mr Green friends, both new and old. Open today’s window and see what festive Bonus Spins are waiting for you!”

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Want to know how to get involved? Well look no further;

  • To start with you just need to make a deposit at the Casino, if you are not already a customer then why not make an account and get instantly involved in the festivities!
  • Then next day you will have received your Bonus Spins, wrapped and ready to be opened from Mr Green himself! These spins will then be applied for every day of that week.

Of course it’s not just a flat rate that is offered to everyone, there are tiers to which you should take into consideration. These are as follows;

TIER 1: £25 to £49 will reward you with 10 Bonus Spins per day
TIER 2: £50 or more will reward you with 25 Bonus Spins per day

As you can see there is a minimum deposit of £25 in place so make sure you do deposit over that or you could miss out! But don’t worry if you’ve already made a deposit under the Tier 2 amount of £50 because you can bring it up to £50 or more just by depositing more, on the same day. You will still qualify for the Tier 2 Bonus’s!

Want to know what you can use your Free Spins on? Well you better check out MrGreen Casino Christmas Calendar.

And this is only the beginning!
This is just the tip of the iceberg over at Mr Greens Online Casino, the Christmas Spirit is flowing through the veins of every player and employee at the Casino, why not get involved today. Who knows you may be the next in line for any early Christmas present courtesy of Mr Green Himself!