If you enjoyed slots during the 70’s then you are going to love the Classic Style and Funk in Twin Spin Mobile Slot. The best slot to transport you back to the funky town days once more. It has an element of marmite about it, you will either LOVE this lot or unfortunately you will HATE it, there is no in between with a slot like this. It is presented much like Starburst, Net Entertainments later release only with some even simpler and more arcade like properties (If you can get any more).

Basic Game play

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to Twin Spins base Game, simply because there isn’t much else for you to get your teeth stuck in to. We have no Free Spins Feature, no click me Bonus, no scatters nothing, it’s just back to basics with this one.

We are literally just talking some Cherries, some severs and Bars. Twin Spin Touch is sharp but its old school, way to old school for some people. What you have is 5 reels, 243 ways to win and betting between 25p and £125 per spin, with a massive jackpot of £135,000 (Starting to look more interesting now isn’t it?).

Well wait until you hear that the game has a 96.6% player return percentage, yes they may be small wins but look past that, don’t consider it to be all your getting, think of that as an incentive to keep playing and to cover your loses. Then just wait for the 10 times or even the 100 times to come in and BOOM you’re onto a heart stopping winner in seconds!

Twin Reels Feature

Okay so I may have made it sound like this game has no bonus features at all to note, however there is one, one that the whole game is in fact based upon. This feature is called Twin Reels and truly sets Twin Spin apart from the other slots…
This feature is completely random and when it activates has the ability to interconnect 2-5 reels and combine them into some WHOPPING great wins, with each spin being totally unique the winning does not stop. It’s a reaaaaallll headspinner.

The Joint Reels Feature

Additionally to the features that I claimed Twin Spin did not have is the Joint Reel Feature. On practically every spin at least two of the reels are cloned and linked together. These reels will shine bright like a Diamonds, I mean will light up to show you the linked reels. This can be anything from 2 up to 5 reels linked so the winning possibilities and combination are increased 10 fold from a single Feature!