You’ve been Thunderstruck, oh no wait you haven’t because this slot has no connection to the ACDC song at all does it, bugger. Instead though Thor, the Viking and the Lightening is back in the sequel to the popular Thunderstruck Series, simply titled Thunderstruck II Touch. It is rare that the Mobile Feature of a slot would keep all of the original feature, but with Thunderstruck we have them all, just on a smaller screen, and it runs seamlessly. It’s a classic and we love to see a classic keeping up with the newcomers, Thunderstruck II you have our complete support!

Basic Gameplay

Thunderstruck has never been known to keep it low key, least of all with its winnings, a whopping 2.5million coins are available as a jackpot from the one, sorry one sec I am just going to get myself re-seated. Okay I am fine. Want a chance to win this jackpot? Well you can for as little as 30p per spin, up to £15, so get that Jackpot on the max bet and you are looking at a large sum of money.

Thinking you’ll never win? Well with 5 reels and a whopping 243 pay lines I would say that you have every chance to WIN something!

Bonus Feature

This game is literally packed full of bonus feature each of which deserve a mention at least; Firstly we have Wildstorm Feature, which will see a thunderous Wild storm raging on your screen mid spin and give you one free spins with up to five expanding Wild Reels. Not bad for a randomly activating Bonus Feature.

Meet the Gods in the Great Hall of Free Spins, each time gaining their trust and in turn they will reward you with further Free Spins, unlock more Gods to receive better rewards each time.

Take a ride on the Wild Side with a Valkyrie and you could see yourself with 15 Free Spins with Wins multiplied by 5 whilst the Free Spins are active. Take me please!

In Viking Mythology the one you should never trust is Loki, however in Thunderstruck II he’s not all bad, in fact he could see you unlocking 15 Free Spins and turn random Symbols into Wilds using his magic, adding to the winning potential.

Come face to face with the God of Thunder after just 15 times Entering the Hall of Free Spins. The gods have accessed your worth and it’s now time for you to meet the Big Man, in return for your bravery the generous God is willing to reward you with 25 Free Spins and Tumbling Reels, with progressive Consecutive wins. If he is smiling down on you as well you could see yourself going home with up to 5x your winnings!