If you have ever played the Gem Busting Slot on your Computer you knew that it would one day appear on your Mobile Device, and well now it has! Starburst Touch brings you the thrills and spills of Starburst on your living room sofa, or the tube journey to work. Although it displeased some when it first came out Starburst went on to become one of the most popular slots of the year, there wasn’t an Online Casino that didn’t feature this slot somewhere. This was probably down to its fasted paced, simplistic and bright gameplay. Something that hadn’t been seen before.

Basic Gameplay!

What may surprise you about this Net Entertainment slot is, well the lack of features at all. It is incredibly simple. The most notable difference between this and any other slot by Net Entertainment is the apparent lack of Free Spin Features, I thought NetEnt had a big sign in their development room simply reading “INCLUDE MORE FREE SPINS” but apparently I was wrong.

What you get from this slot however is 5 reels and 10 pay lines with a smallish maximum pay out of 2,500 coins. Not bad but we are always looking for something more!

It has to be said that the main, standout feature for Starburst Touch has to be its Design. It’s exciting, vibrant and one of the healthiest and up to date looking Mobile Slots to date, and credit has to go to Net Entertainment for that as they have certainly though outside the box. Its stripped back nature has also made it extremely accessible, playing faultlessly across most major devices and platforms with ease.

The only game I can think of that did this well with the move to a Mobile Platform would have to be DaVinci Diamonds, in fact the more I think about it the more I see similarities between the two games (Purple Backgrounds).

Drop and Hold

The only feature worth really touching upon, well the only Feature full stop really is the Drop and Hold reels feature included in Starburst Touch. This allows pay lines to be held and then re-spun a set amount of times. This happens randomly throughout and can happen between 1 and 5 times in a row, with an unfortunately low multiplier of 1 times throughout…