Starburst Roulette Promo

For 2 Days Only, Live Starburst Roulette will be beating your heart into action with a Starburst Roulette Promotion that you’re not going to want to miss out on! It’s going to be 2 Days of Thrills, Spills and Hopefully Tons of Free Spins for All at Magical Vegas.

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It really couldn’t be easier getting your hands on Free Spins at the Site this week and here’s how;

Free Spins for Starburst Slot

Whilst playing Live Starburst Roulette between 14:00 Wednesday 8th July and 23:59 Thursday 9th July any active bet you have on the Roulette table when the Lucky Number 15 Comes up will result in you receiving 15 Free Spins on Starburst Slot!

Any Free Spins you win will be awarded the Very Next Day so why not spend one whole day playing Live Starburst Roulette and then the next day Playing Starburst Slot! Click Here to get started at Magical Vegas Now!

Easy, Plus there is No Limit to the amount of Free Spins you can get your hands on, as long as the Number 15 Keep coming up and you have an active bet you will Win More! Why not put your Money on the Number 15 over the next few days, just so when you win, you’re winning DOUBLE!

Never Heard of Live Starburst Roulette?

Where have you been for the last year? Starburst Roulette is a Special Table where roulette entwines with the Slot, Meaning it’s twice the fun in a Single Game!

Even better Live Starburst Roulette features all of the bonuses of Playing Live Casino Games, with a real croupier spinning the Wheel for Real and streaming it to you!

Experience the Magic of Playing Live Roulette and Grab a Fair Few Free Spins whilst you’re at it with the Next Two Days at Magical Vegas, the Wheel is ready all its waiting on is YOU!

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