It’s the cartoon brilliance on the small screen! Yes I know not the normal opening statement to a new blockbusting hit but I can’t really say it’s coming to the Big Screen if it’s on a mobile can I!?

South Park, the well-known and highly outrageous TV series adored by fans has made its way into your Favourite Mobile Casino with South Park Touch. The second you hear the theme tune and see the rather goofy and lacklustre graphics you are hooked, it will have you in fits of laughter and rolling in plenty of money by the time you go to bed! (If you ever get that far, we didn’t)

Think of it less as a slot and more of a game…

Basic Game Play

When you first start the game, you are looking at Net Entertainment design, at its best! They have taken Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny and created a superb 5 reel, 25 pay line slot from them. We have a bonus feature for every single character, along with 3 mini-game features, all playable for as little as 25p per spin up to £125. I am going to leave this hear so that you can hear more about THE BONUS FEATURES.

Character Bonus Features

To start let’s look at the Stan Bonus Spin Feature, throwing you straight up/into the South Park experience as Stan Pukes onto his long time crush Wendy, giving you sticky Wilds. No Thanks. This is by far the least valuable of the features as the top prize is a mere £3,750, not bad but they can do better.

Kyle is most generous and upon activation will reward you with 10 free spins. Watch out for the Ike Wild on reel 5 as Kyle will magically Kick Ike (His brother) into touch to bounce onto 1 of the 5 prizes shown below the reels. A better return from this one, up to £37,500, more like it!

When it comes to Kenny’s Bonus Feature it’s all to do with Lives of course, starting off with 3 should be enough right? The aim of this feature is to guide Kenny through 3 different Zones, with each zone rewarding the player in different ways, but watch out the better the rewards the more dangerous the zone so be careful not to throw away a life! Due to the Life and Death situation, this feature has a maximum pay out of £69,500, totally worth a few of Kenny’s lives…

Finally the Cartman Bonus Feature has to be the most true to the series, with Cartman searching for his sworn enemies, Hippies. All you need to do is to choose from 8 brushes to reveal different Prizes, just avoid disturbing the police officers twice as this will end the feature early. Avoid the Police and find cash prizes to land yourself a possible £625,000, not bad for a fat boy!