The boys are back in a second installment, featuring all the gags and foul language from the first but with a little more Chaos! This time Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny are super heroes, you may remember this from a very Funny Episode many moons ago… Net Entertainment have once again exceeded themselves with this one, giving us another 4 exciting levels to protect and serve against the highly infamous Professor Chaos and his cronies.
Can you defend South Park?

Basic Game Play

The sequel to South Park Touch features 5 reels ad 20 pay lines and is playable for as little as 20p all the way up to £100 per spin. This time however the fourth graders are looking to protect their city from the Evil Within through 4 Mini features and 1 EPIC Bonus spins feature. With this being a Net Entertainment slot I need not go into detail about how brilliant and authentic the Graphics, Sounds and Animations are in this slot… But if I must, they are truly amazing!

The huge wins available from this higher variance slots are the sort of thing you would find from a more traditional Slot like Piggy Riches also by Net Entertainment, just without the mischief.

Mini Features

The first is Carman’s Wilds Feature where Cartman must hunt for General Disarray, creating stacks and stacks of Wilds as he climbs up and down (slides) the reels. Generally you are looking at 2 to 3 Stacked Wilds, producing fairly decent wins, but nothing worth jumping for joy over.

Kenny misses out on another epic death, instead he is wrestling with Professor Chaos to keep the town safe, during which time a random Multiplier is added of between 3 and 5 times to your next winning line. Thanks Kenny!

Then there is Stan’s Multiplying Re-Spins Feature, at this point Stan is using his Mental Powers to repair the reels with power tools (Stay with me). Thus creating re-spins on all 5 reels that continue until you have a WINNING Combination. In a nut shell, a Free Win! It gets better though as this win is subject to a multiplier of between 2 and 10 times, this is a progressive multiplier and has a cap of a whopping 1,212 times you stake if your luck enough.

Next up, Laser Beams… Finally we have Kyle fighting evil minions with his, wait for it, Laser Beams! If that wasn’t enough to excite you then wait until you hear that these beams create 3 to 5 overlaying Wilds on the reels. Getting these in the right places can lead to some pretty rewarding wins indeed.