Most you should have been alive during the 90’s right? Then again it being 2014 now you might not remember it that well. But for those who do, you must remember the Video Game Super Mario Bros! Net Entertainment, once again showing us their full potential by taking this old school classic and bringing it back to life with some sharp and modern technology so we can all enjoy it in a new lease of life. Get your headphones ready with this one, the music was the pinnacle of the Original Video Game and it will once again make or Break, Reel Rush Touch Mobile Slot.

Base Game Play

It’s a bizarre concept but this slot does not have a fixed number of Pay lines, instead there is something called Winways, or ways to win. In fact there is an incredibly 3125 ways in which you can win with this one. WinWays are created by having 3 identical Symbols on consecutive reels from top left to top right, with the game starting with 5 Reels and 45 Winways. Each time a winning combination lands the game will automatically Re-Spin (For Free) with a new reel configuration, yes this could land on another win!

A flawless design has made it easy for this slot to be transferred to Mobile Screens, and it still runs perfectly. Use the Music to your advantage to pick out winning opportunities, who knows it could lead to your next major Win…

Bonus Features

There are no real bonus features, in fact the Bonus Features are included in the Base Game at all times, much like Starburst Slot but Net Entertainment. It is a cascading effect, the more winning combinations you can get in a row, the more you increase your chances to win BIG!

Normal Game: You have 45 ways in which to win

Free Re-spin 1: You have 135 ways in which you can win
Free Re-spin 2: This time its 405 ways in which you can win
Free Re-spin 3: 675 ways to win and still rising!
Free Re-spin 4: now at 1,125 ways to win
Free Re-spin 5: Okay calm down with 1,875 ways to win
Free Re-spin 6: 3125 ways you can win, that’s just ludicrous, oh and 8 Free Spins for good luck!

No slot would be complete without some Wild Symbols, and Reel Rush Touch wouldn’t be one to miss out so there Wild Symbols can of course Substitute for all other Symbols to create even more Winning combinations, if you really needed anymore!