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Here at we prefer to call it a Privacy Promise to you, our readers. We want you to be safe whilst browsing our site but to also feel safe. The world of Online Casinos, and Slot can at times seem scary and some companies are just out there to make a quick buck by sending you as traffic. The is an information bearing portal that doesn’t provide any kind of real money gambling. We however will NEVER pressure you into making any decisions, browse and play freely throughout the site!

Data Protection
Any Data that is collected by us, will be appropriately stored, protected and safeguarded by our team. We adhere to the highest standards of Data Protection and exceed the standards put in place by the Data Protection Act (1998). Any information you wish to share with us is stored and encrypted, we will never pass on or sell your data to a third party.

Our Information and Links tries it’s very best to keep all of our reviews and articles up to date along with any links that are associated with them. However there may be times when our Links do become out dated and redundant, to this we say; We are very sorry that we cannot ensure all links to other sites are up to do, and we cannot control anything that you may see when going through these links, our standards only stretch to our site.

However this does not mean that at the time of writing we do not check each of the links properly, it’s just that sometimes companies (Casino Sites) change where they put everything, thus making the Link Redundant. All the content/copy and images on is under copyright and may not be used in any form at all without the written consent of If you use without prior content, this is considered a violation of applicable copyright and or trademark laws.

At times Cookies May be used but due to EU laws Published in May 2011 we will now inform you every time that we use Cookies and it is then your choice as to whether you accept them or not. Any Cookies that we may include on this site are only for our Advertisement purposes and if anything will allow us to show you more material that you would be interested in personally. If you have any queries about anything that you have read, or would like to report a problem with our service do not hesitate to contact us directly, Enjoy!