The first thing you should do before reading any more is buy a screen reinforcement kit because this game is sure to smash its way through any screen! Its big, it’s bad and it’s a follow up to a highly popular, it’s no wonder that they both made it onto the Mobile Screen. Of course I am talking about Jack Hammer 2 (If you haven’t already read the title). The brave detective Dick Tracy is back, bringing with him the Comic Book style that we are used to for a second part thriller.

We are back in the Comic Book worlds where Men were Men and Dames were there to be rescued, just one question, which one are you?

Basic Features

If you are familiar with Jack Hammer, the original then you will know that the slot only features 25 pay lines, well Jack Hammer 2 has not held back and has smashed that into oblivion featuring a whopping 99! However the second instalment has stayed true and included 5 reels and the Sticky Bonuses which became so popular with players in the first one. If it works why change it right?

The main changes would have to be the newer and slicker looking design, with vibrant Comic Colours throughout and brilliantly
drawn Graphics for Symbols, it’s a true masterpiece in the marking.

Bonus Features

Looking for something a little Sticky? If you said yes then you are going to adore the Sticky Wins Feature that has been transferred and reworked from the Original Game.

The Free Spin Symbols are the main way of getting into the Bonus Section of the game, all you need to do is to pull up 5 or more of them to gain access, this may seem hard for a 5 reel slot, but with the inclusion of the Sticky Boxes it becomes much more attainable if done right. How many Free Spins you will earn will greatly depend on the amount of Symbols you obtained before entering the Bonus Feature.

For 5 Symbols you get 10 Free Spins, working its way up to a Maximum of 20 Free Spins for 8 Symbols, Not bad Net Entertainment, We likey! It has to be said however that Jack Hammer Does Feature quite a low Maximum yield, 5,000 coins to be exact, putting it in the ranks of other low paying slots such as Starburst or South Park Touch.