Like well to do foxes? Well then you are going to love Foxin’ Wins Slot by NextGen as it’s full of some aristocratic foxes and their efforts to try and catch the mischievous Leprechaun (Obviously). It has to be one of the best and most unique every thought of over at the NextGen studio, and what a game that idea has made. It has to be said straight away that the game does have some bugs with its mobile version, but by the time this review is released and published I am sure that these will have been ironed out!

Base Game Play

The reels are set upon a backdrop of the Fox’s Mansion, with its expensive furniture and over the top décor. All of the regular Game Play symbols are based around the Fox and his rather Lavish Lifestyle, this includes items like a Red convertible, Bank notes and of course his very own mansion, and there was me thinking a well off fox had a bin to rummage through.

Looking past the rather plush theme we have 5 reels and 25 pay lines, with a rather strange minimum and maximum betting amount. 50p/£100 for a superbet level 2, 35p/£75 for superbet level 1, and 0.25 with no superbet, all of which I will get into a little later on.

Bonus Features

As an addition to the standard wagering system we have something called the Superbet Feature, this allows you to select the level at which you have it at. Having it off or level 0 will only allow you one fox cub on reel three, these act as your Wild Symbols. Superbet Level 1 will have pups appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, with Superbet level 2 allowing the cubs to appear on all 5 reels, however as you read above the higher the level the more expensive it is to play.

We love random features, especially ones that instantly reward you. Fox Fund Random Bonus is one such bonus, with every paid spin being eligible to have Mr Fox just come over and shower us with some of his Gold. Thanks Mr Fox!

Free Spins

Have 3 or more Scatter Symbols (pots of gold) anywhere on the reels and receive 10 Free Spins just as a sign of good will from Mr Fox for helping him. During these Free Spins the pups will appear more frequently and all wins will be double and possibly re-trigger – Now’s the time to raise the Superbet level me thinks!