It would seem that Net Entertainment are out to put a Spring in your step (The season not the curly thing) with Flower Touch. An adorable little slot from the people who brought you Starburst and South Park slot comes a totally different feeling, rather Goofy looking Video Slot. If slots could be child friendly then this would be one of them, it gives you the kind of fun that you need when it’s cold and grey outside, providing you that little shred of sunshine that you need to keep you going! Flower Touch is cheery, colourful and most of all Fun, the game really does have plenty going for it, just keep reading to find out what!

Basic Gameplay

If you love flowers and Classic Slots then you are sure to enjoy this one because we have Flower and Letter symbols packed to the rafters. By far one of the most attractive elements with Flowers Touch has to be the Single and Double flower Symbols on the five reels. The fairly generic 5 reels and 30 pay lines are packed with these Double Symbols, meaning that 5 is not the maximum amount you can win, in fact the true top win is double that. 10 Symbols, if all 5 of the symbols were doubles, I am good at math see…

It’s a really happy games, the Wild Symbols themselves are shaped like Smiley Sunshine’s and will work in conjunction with all symbols to provide wins or to activate Bonus Features.

Bonus Features

Well it wouldn’t be a Net Entertainment slot without some sort of Free Spins feature now would it! With a maximum of 30 Free Spins up for grabs, along with a 10 times multiplier. This is by far the most lucrative feature of the slot, without which it would be a rather Featureless Slot, but still a fun one. Remember the more Free Spin Symbols you have upon activating the Bonus Feature is the main factor for how many Free spins you will receive along with how many times this will be multiplied.
Starting at 3 and 2 times, working its way up to 30 Free Spins and 10 times Multiplier!

Looking to increase the size of your garden? Then you’re going to need to combine the Free Spins Feature with some Stacked wilds of Doubles, get this spot on and you could see yourself going home with bags full of Cash instead of seeds!