You have seen the films, you have played the games, now it’s time for you to get involved with Aliens Video Slot by Net Entertainment. Produced in co-operation with 20th Century Fox the game features new 3D Graphics and is based on the 1986 cult film starring Sigourney Weaver. The film was a worldwide hit and the company behind it along with Net Entertainment are hoping that the slot will produce just as much success as its predecessors. Move around the slot avoiding the Alien’s and you could see yourself going home ALIVE along with sacks full of cash to spend upon your arrival.

Basic Game Mechanics

The game is made up of rounds, at the start of each round the player can select the coin value and bet level before starting. Clicking the left and right arrows increases and decreases the bet level and clicking on the Spin Button begins the round at the current bet and coin level. The 5 reels and 15 pay lines offer rounds from 15p up to £150 per spin depending on the size of your pockets, but I hope they are big enough to take home the winnings that you can receive from Aliens Slot for mobile.

3 Stages of Play

The game itself is split into 3 different stages you have Level 1: The search where you scan infested premises for Alien Activity and collect Symbols. These add to the Alien Activity Meter, after completing the 9 steps required to obtain the maximum amount you begin Level 2: The Encounter.

This part is not for the feint head, with a win guaranteed on the very first spin of the round, with the aim of the Level to survive the onslaught of Alien attacks and reach the Queen Hive. The Multipliers you collected in Level 1 are transferred and applied to all wins, with the possibility of getting up to 6 times your bet on 3 symbols in a spin, for some HUGE WINS.
The final and most terrifying of these Levels is Level 3: The Hive which rewards you with 5 re-spins for making it this far. At this point the Queens Hive can be destroyed, but not without a fight! Each step you complete on the Hive Health Meter, you will receive a Cash Prize, up to 240 times your stake. Kill the Queen and you have the chance to win an incredible 3,817 times your stake, not bad even if you’re going for 50p spins!